Hair & Lash

Eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent procedure where individual lashes are adhered one by one to your own natural lash.

Lash lift and tint is a semi-permanent procedure where your eyelashes are permed and tinted darker for the look of full, natural lashes.

Leedz Salon also offers tape-in and sew-in extensions.

Full eyelash set $150+
Fills start at $50+ (every 2-3 weeks)
Lash Lift/Tint $80
Conditioner Treatment $30+
Brow Tint $22+

Tape-in extension application $150+

Removal, retape, and reapplication $350+
**Hair price is additional but often reusable

Sew-in extensions application $100/hr.

**Pricing for sew-in extensions is individualized to client